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What Is Next For Me?

by Scott on August 8, 2015

The Positivity Revolution HERO shirt!

The Positivity Revolution HERO shirt!

Alas, my temporary retirement has come to an end. It’s been an incredible 3 and a half  months but a great opportunity was placed in front of me and so I will be returning to the wonderful world of employment.

It’s time to get back to work, but this time, with a strategy in place instead of “just collecting a paycheque.”

Making it Official Before it’s Official

I’m going to make it official right here, right now:

In April of 2016, I will be walking away from the industry I currently work in, to focus 100% of my time on my business. Not that I’m officially giving my notice yet (so please don’t tell my new boss), but I will be working on my business over the next 7-8 months so that I can leave my JOB and focus all my time on what I’m most passionate about and living My Ideal Day, each and every day!

I’m putting this out there to have all of you, hold me accountable. Nothing like a bunch of other people holding your feet to the fire to keep you motivated and working hard.

So What’s Next Then?

As I mentioned in my recent blog post, My 36 for 36: Honourable Mentions where I shared some items that didn’t make my formal 36 for 36 Final List, but I still plan on accomplishing over the course of the next year, Starting an Online Business was one of those items.

Although I’m it’s a bit premature to get too far into the details of what the Online Business is going to look like exactly (I’m still working on a lot of the details), I’ll share with you a few of the things that you can expect to see from me over the coming months.

Positivity Revolution

I launched an athletic wear clothing line last year and, what I very quickly learned, was that I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to do something that would pay tribute to my Mom after her passing, and that would leave a positive impact on people’s lives.

From the beginning it didn’t feel quite “right” but while I was on my West Coast Road Trip, I was able to really reconnect with my creative side. Once the creativity began flowing, I realized what I truly want Positivity Revolution to look like.

In the next couple months, you will begin to see how this business will take shape – much different than the original idea and completely unique to anything that exists – at least that I know of.

Blue Collar Online Entrepreneur

When I left for my West Coast Road Trip, I knew I was about to embark on a journey. My plan was to write in a journal everyday, so that I could remember and recall all the memories from the trip once I returned home. I was not very successful at this activity! Good thing I captured as many memories as I could with my camera!

I’m about to embark on another journey. I’ve never built a successful online business before but I have taken a lot of courses on “How to start an online business.” I’ve listened to hours and hours of podcasts and spent countless evenings reading blog posts. It’s time to start applying all the knowledge that I’ve accumulated.

Blue Collar Online Entrepreneur will act as a journal as I work through starting my online business. I’ll be sharing all the ups, downs and even the MAJOR MISTAKES. I want this to serve 2 purposes:

  1. A journal that I can look back on to see how far I’ve come and help me make smarter decisions in the future based on past results.
  2. A guide for any other people out there who have walked a similar path as me and are looking to make a similar shift in their life.

If you’re interested, I’ve created a Blue Collar Online Entrepreneur Group on Facebook. I’ll be sharing all the successes, failures, strategies and insights that I gain along the way. If you want to join the Group and follow along or make recommendations, just CLICK HERE and send me request to join.

There you have it! At a very high level, this is what’s next for me. Lots of things happening in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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