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The Gifts That I Got Through the Struggle

by Scott on July 31, 2015

On top of the Monster at Fenway Park

On top of the Monster at Fenway Park

I hope I’m not giving the impression that I’ve been living a nightmare, the last several years haven’t been all bad. In fact, even though I struggled through my “I Don’t Want to Do This Forever” days, I’ve been given a number of incredible gifts along the way as well. Below are a few of The Gifts That I Got Through the Struggle.

Life-Long Friendships

Some of my closest friends who I trust the most, are people who I met at work. When you spend that much time with people, it tends to result in one of two ways. You either end up driving each other crazy and you can’t wait to get away from them. Or, you make a connection that will last for the rest of your life. I’m fortunate enough to say that I came away with more life long friends than those who made me crazy and even a few who qualify as both! :)

See and Visit Some Incredible Places

At the age of 27, I could probably count on one hand how many times I had been on a plane. Since then, I’ve been flown with most commercial airlines to major sporting events all over North America (including one of my all-time bucket list items and item from My 35 for 35 list: Fenway Park in Boston), explored the Northwest Territories in a helicopter and even traveled to mountains in central Mexico in a private jet.

More importantly, because of the living I’ve been provided the opportunity to make, I’ve been able to go to see a couple of my closest friends get married on beautiful beaches that I would not have been able to afford otherwise.

Learning Experiences and Growth Opportunities That I Can Share with Others

Even when times were toughest, I never gave up. Instead I looked at each of those experiences as opportunities to learn and grow.

It seemed with each painful experience, I walked away with a new habit, strategy or perspective to ensure that I would never be put into that same position again.

Beyond the Blue Collar

A few years ago, when I first started to recognize what I was doing, I began to look closer at  these habits, strategies and perspectives. I started a blog and began writing about everything I was doing on a day to day basis.

Last year, I took all of the blog posts and bundled them together to create my first book called, “Beyond the Blue Collar.” The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with some simple strategies that they can implement starting today, which will help them become more valuable in the workplace. I like to say that if you follow the suggestions in the book, you will drastically reduce the likelihood of being laid off by increasing the value you bring to the team.

On a side note, I’ve recently created a group together to read, review and provide feedback on the book. I’m going to take the feedback and update the book to provide greater value to my readers. If you’re interested in participating in this group, click here and send me a message on my Facebook Page.

Going Further Beyond the Blue Collar

After accepting the promotion that took me to the corporate head office and eventually resulted in a role in senior management, I recognized other elements that I needed to focus on to keep learning, growing and providing value in my new role. In my previous roles, I could easily succeed by keeping things simple and sticking with the strategies outlined in “Beyond the Blue Collar.” However, if you want to climb the corporate ladder, or skip the ladder all together and just take the elevator, there are some other tips, strategies and shifts in perspective that will need to take place. Especially if you plan on staying there once you do arrive.

Going Further Beyond the Blue Collar is a series of blog posts that I will be releasing over the next couple of months. If you’re interested in receiving these posts directly to your inbox, click here!

Breaking Free of the Blue Collar

This is where I am right now. This is my answer to What Do I Do Next?

In 6 months or 12 months, it will be interesting to come back to this post and update this section. The one thing I can tell you is that Breaking Free of the Blue Collar will be more about you than it will be about me. I can promise you that!

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