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My 35 for 35 Holiday Season Update – Items 21-30

by Scott on December 29, 2013

It’s been about 2 months since I finalized My 35 for 35 list. Here is a Holiday Season update on how I’m progressing so far.

21. Go Bobsledding – I’m pretty excited about this one. I have a close family friend who is related to a medal winning member of the Canadian Olympic Bobsled team. She said she will make the connection and we are off to the races!

22. Go Skydiving – I’ve been skydiving before but this is still something that scares the _____ out of me so I thought it deserved to be here.

Here’s a video of the last time I jumped out of an airplane:

23. Go Ziplining – I’ve been ziplining in Mexico about 5 years ago and absolutely loved it. Do you know of anywhere in Canada that has a zipline?

24. Go Whitewater Rafting – I have never been whitewater rafting! This summer, that is going to change!

25. Go Snowboarding in the Mountains – I’ve already started to lay the groundwork to combine this with The First Ever Sibling-Only-Vacation. None of the four of us have ever really been skiers or snowboarders which, what I think, will make it that much more fun. Someone is definitely hitting a tree that weekend!

26. Go Dogsledding – I love dogs, I like it when others do the work for me… This just makes perfect sense to me! Plus, you can dogsled through the Rockies in some of the most incredible landscapes you will ever see.

Dogsledding Heading Home

27. Meet 3 of My Personal Heroes – When I first selected this one for the list, I didn’t really give it much thought other than, “that might be fun!” Since then, this has turned into one of the items on this list that has garnered the most thought. “What is a hero?” “Who are my heroes?”

When I was a kid, I could have answered that question in under 2.3 seconds. Now, after stuffing some life experience under my belt, I find myself questioning what and who I consider a hero to be. Then, I met someone who helped me understand what it means to be a hero:

King Jacob – Jacob oozes hero! I feel so blessed to have spent an afternoon arm wrestling and watching movies with him. I’m not sure if I could ever select a more suitable person to include on this list. Take a look for yourself!

Eric Thomas – ET is someone I see as a hero because he has walked the path that I am embarking on. He turned his personal struggles into the fuel that led him to where he is today – Renown speaker, author and activist.

Now accepting applications for a personal hero – I’m still trying to figure out who my third hero is. I’ll keep you updated as this one progresses.

Who are your personal heroes?

28. Master a Magic Trick – Does anyone know a magic trick they could teach me? The simpler the better. Simple minds require simple tricks!

29. Grow a Patio Garden – I love tomatoes so I think tomatoes make the best candidates for my patio garden next spring. I am in no way a “Green Thumb” so this should be a bigger adventure than some of the things listed above!

30. Build a Model Train Set – When I was growing up, a family friend had a giant train set in their basement. Since then, I’ve always had an affinity for model train sets but I have never built one before. My strategy here will be to start small and go from there.

Stay tuned for the update on items 30-35 tomorrow.

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