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Why 36 for 36?

by Scott on July 9, 2015

After the chaotic year that I experienced working through My 35 for 35, why do 36 for 36 you ask? Let me give you 3 reasons why:

To Give Myself Clear Goals to Work Towards

Initially, I decided that I wasn’t going to make another list this year. I decided that I didn’t want to feel like I was constantly under pressure to be working towards something. Then, something strange happened… I missed not feeling like I was working towards something.

What should I include on #My36for36?

I’m not going to get into the benefits of goal setting because you can find an endless supply of articles online if you’re that interested. What I will say is that once you accomplish something that you set out to accomplish, the feeling you get afterwards can become intoxicating and you gain momentum in numerous aspects of life – even the areas that may seem unrelated.

To Inspire Others to do the Same

After experiencing what I did during My 35 for 35, I knew that one item I wanted to include on My 36 for 36 was to share the idea with others, so that they could experience some of the gifts that I experienced.

I think that one of the greatest feelings I could experience, is if someone sent me a message and said, “Thanks to you I did ________, and it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. Thank you!

The Unexpected Gifts that Show Up

The question that I am asked the most, to date, about My 35 for 35 is this:

“What was the best part or best experience of the whole thing?”

The first couple of times I answered this question, I would say:

“There’s so many great ones, it’s too hard to choose just one,” and I would start rambling on about all the different experiences that I had crossed off on the list.

Today, if you ask me the same question, my answer has changed because I am much more clear on what I think the best part of My 35 for 35 was, and what I am sure will be the best part of My 36 for 36.

The best part is the unexpected gifts that show up that you never knew were going to happen when you made the list!

Are you interested in making this year your best year yet? Join me and a few of my friends by creating your ___ for ___ list by going to The Real Scott Weller Facebook Page and simply posting: Scott, let’s make this year the BEST year yet!

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