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Scott Weller

Scott Weller is a man of action.  Not just any kind of action – action that inspires others.

As a small boy Scott was sexually abused by a neighborhood Dad.  He’s struggled with alcoholism and even flirted with thoughts of suicide.  That was then.

This is now.  Scott can be found coaching, mentoring and attending events as a motivational speaker.  He has spent the last 6 years turning his life around.  Scott is passionate about sharing his experiences, along life’s bumpy roads, in an effort to help others work through the pain of their own journeys.

Close to his heart, Scott works with the Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta and recently raised tens of thousands of dollars in his campaign Buck-A-Burpee, where he completed 7525 burpees, in 35 days, to raise the funds.   In his spare time you can find him delivering Random Acts of Kindness around the City Of Edmonton and on social media.  Scott is a 2014 nominated, Avenue Magazine, Top 40 Under 40.

Scott lives in Edmonton, AB with man’s best friend, Jaxie.