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The Ronald McDonald House

by Scott on November 3, 2013

You know when you get that initial goosebump that quickly spreads from the base of your head and it works it’s way through your neck into your shoulders and eventually through your entire body? I had that happen yesterday while I was visiting the Ronald McDonald House.

I was taking a moment to look around and I saw some of the best friends I have ever had, my nieces and nephew, my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband and my Mother. A smile crept across my face and I just let the goosebumps take over!

The #amazing group of #friends and #family who...

The #amazing group of #friends and #family who pitched in at #ronaldmcdonaldhouse yesterday painting decorations for #Christmas. via realscottweller

The moment I first stepped into The House, I felt something. Every time I have stepped in The House since, I have felt the same thing, just more intensely.

I was asked to share what were the 3 things I took away with me from my initial visit to Ronald McDonald House and, in no particular order, here they are:

The Size of The House – When I first stepped into The House, I was blown away at how big it is. 6 kitchens, 32 rooms, 2 elevators, an underground parkade and a barbeque patio that is a man’s dream come true! Sounds big right? As you tour The House, and you hear the stories about the 97% capacity, 500 families turned away each year, you realize that the square footage may be considered large, but The House is definitely not big enough to serve the need that exists.

The Magic Room – My favourite room in The House but I’m not going to ruin it for you. You just need to go and see it for yourself!

The Stories that Built The House’s Foundation – Usually when you build a house, you start with building a solid foundation and then you build the rest of the house up from there. Structurally, I’m certain The House was built on a solid foundation but the difference here is that with each family and each child that walks through the doors of The Ronald McDonald House, the foundation grows stronger. The stories provide strength for all of the families who come to stay at The House.

It doesn’t end there. The strength and the power of those stories can affect more than just the families who find themselves staying at The House. Those stories have the power to affect everyone who hears them. Speaking from experience, if you step into The House and you listen to the stories that live in those walls, that help strengthen that foundation, you can’t help but be affected by them, in an amazing way.

When I prepared My 35 for 35, one of the items I listed was “Become passionate about a cause.” Well, I think I’ve knocked that one off the list!

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