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The #RAK Attack

by Scott on March 2, 2014

Just before Christmas, my boss gave me an envelope, shook my hand and said, “I just wanted to say Thank You for everything you’ve done for us this year.”

I took that envelope home and opened it later that evening. There was a nice card and a couple $500 gift cards for fuel. Wow! That’s pretty awesome! I put them down on the counter and went on with my evening.

A few hours later, the fuel cards entered my mind again. “Do I really need $1000 of fuel? Or is there someone out there who could use them more than me?”

I jumped up, walked over to my desk, grabbed my phone and took a picture of one of the gas cards, posted it on my Instagram feed with a caption that read:

I’m looking to be even more random with this#randomactofkindness. Here is a $500 has card. Nominate someone who you think would be most#grateful to receive this gift just ahead of the#HolidaySeason. One catch; you can’t nominate you or your family. #RAK #35for35

You know what happened next? I had people from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reaching out and nominating people who they knew needed a boost around The Holidays. Some of the stories that were shared were heart-wrenching. So much so, that I then added in the second of the two $500 fuel gift card.

How do you like this #FruitBasket? #RAKattack ...

How do you like this #FruitBasket? #RAKattack is back!! For anyone who hasn’t seen a #RAKattack, the rules are: 1. Nominate someone who is going through a tough time and could use a pick-me-up. 2. You can’t nominate yourself. 3. To make your nomination, simply post below, or private message me with the persons name and why they deserve this $250 #GroceryGiftCard from #SaveOnFoods via realscottweller

When it came to making a decision on who would receive one of the gift cards, it was way too difficult to choose from all the incredible stories. Everyone was equally deserving. So, I put everyone into a hat (it was actually a Popeyes Supplements shaker cup) and drew names for the two gift cards.

I ended up giving away the two gift cards to two people who were going through extremely challenging times in life. I was told by one of them, that without the gift card, they would not have been able to drive at all. That is exactly what I wanted to hear. The gift cards went to someone who needed them and not just to someone who didn’t like the idea of paying $1.10 a liter.

Since then, I have continued with what has now been coined The #RAK (Random Act of Kindness) Attack. The #RAKattack’s have continued since then, asking people to nominate people that they know who could use a bit of sunshine. This sunshine has typically come in the way of a grocery gift card worth $250. Each and every time I have given one of these gift cards away, it’s always been to a well-deserving person who is at a stage in life, where they could really use something positive, a Random Act of Kindness.

If you know of anyone who could use a #RAKattack, stay tuned on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Or, start your own #RAKattack. It doesn’t need to be a $250 gift card. It can be anything. It can be a cup of coffee or even some of your time. Maybe you shovel someone’s sidewalk for a month. The ideas are endless. The important part is that you let your heart guide you.

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