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The Power of Social Media | Helping Dreams Come True

by Scott on October 19, 2012

Yesterday evening I signed on to Twitter and saw a tweet from a friend of mine, Mark Cherrington which read:

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My fav kid- 15yr girl, lives in group home. Has nothing, wants 2 go 2 Cavalia Horse show. Trying to find a couple tickets for her and sister

I re-tweeted the request and stepped away from my computer to start preparing my dinner. After about 10 minutes or so, I came back and saw that 5 people from around Edmonton had already RT’d and a couple people had responded. One person didn’t have tickets but was willing to donate $100 to the cause. Another person donated 2 tickets for this young girl to go see the Cavalia horse show, to live out a personal dream of hers!

Thank you to@EquiSportsThrpy for offering to donate to this cause. A big thank you to

That’s the power behind social media and the human spirit… This is evidence that if used properly and positively, dreams can come true!

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