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The Positivity Epedemic

by Scott on January 7, 2014

Misery Loves Company!

Isn’t that the truth! In fact, back when to when I was a miserable person, I can remember that I surrounded myself with people who would not only subscribe to my misery but also help contribute to it as well. I would bitch about this, moan about that and as I did, I would attract more people into my life who did the exact same thing. Soon, you could see the negative snowball forming, growing and steamrolling over everything in its way.

The Negativity Epidemic

Even years after I committed to leaving that perspective on life behind, I’m still so intrigued by how quickly negativity can spread. A few days ago, I observed someone who started to complain about their weekend to one co-worker, and all of a sudden, that person had an entire crowd gathering around them.

#PositivityEpidemic #GetInfected #BecomeAnOutb...

#PositivityEpidemic #GetInfected #BecomeAnOutbreakMonkey via realscottweller

I stood there, sipping on my peppermint tea, wondering, “what is it that draws everyone so powerfully into that negativity?”

Then it hit me…

It’s an epidemic! The Negativity Epidemic

What is an Epidemic?

The definition of the word epidemic according to Merriam Webster is:

an outbreak of disease that spreads quickly and affects many individuals at the same time.

Introducing The Positivity Epidemic

First of all, I’ll apologize to any epidemiologists that may have accidentally stumbled across this post and find that I’m not completely accurate with my concepts of epidemiology – which is basically the study of epidemics.

Wikipedia states that “an epidemic occurs when new cases of a disease, in a given human population, and during a given period, substantially exceed what is expected based on recent experience.” – We see this represented in negativity everyday. It’s in the news, it’s all around us. Instead, why not turn this around and accept the virus of Positivity?

How to Trigger The Positivity Epidemic

Wikipedia also tells us that there are several changes that may occur in an infectious agent that may trigger an epidemic. These include:

Increased Virulence – the capacity for positivity to infect.

Introduction to a Novel Setting – the environment needs to not only support the infection but also promote it.

A Change in the Host’s Susceptibility – If the positivity epidemic is ever going to take hold, we need to let it infect us. Not fight it, not battle it. Accept it and let it spread!

Contrary to how we would typically respond to any other epidemic, we do not want to treat or control this virus. We are inviting everyone to expose themselves to it, contract it and then share it with everyone you know. Become an outbreak monkey and help the Positivity Outbreak grow, spread and take over!

Instead of isolating and controlling this virus, we are inviting everyone to expose themselves to it, contract it and then share it with everyone you know. Help the Positivity Epidemic grow and take over.

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