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The Coin Technique

by Scott on August 5, 2012

Anytime I’m talking to someone and they are sharing the challenges they are currently facing in life, I almost always refer back to The Coin Technique. In almost every situation, it provides the perspective and clarity needed to move forward out of the funk that individual has dug themselves into.

I wish I could take credit for The Coin Technique but I can’t. I heard about it at a seminar or reading a book somewhere along the way, but my memory escapes me right now. So, for whoever created it originally, I apologize but also, THANK YOU!

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What Is The Coin Technique?

The Coin Technique simplified is:

A coin has two sides; one side is heads, the other tails. There are no other options. If you flip a coin, it has no other choice other than to land heads up or tails up. Simple! The Coin Technique is the same. Whenever you’re faced with a decision, challenge or even struggle; remember you have two choices:

  1. Heads = leads you towards happiness
  2. Tails = leads you away from happiness

Don’t complicate it any further with the creation of multiple different scenarios. The purpose is to create a space to allow yourself the time to decide what you really want as opposed to just reacting to a situation or interaction.

Why The Coin Technique?

As mentioned previously, The Coin Technique offers a simplistic opportunity to slow down the thought process with the intention of avoiding a negative reaction made in haste. It works even better if you take the time to write it out on a piece of paper.

The Coin Technique In Action

Situation: Co-worker embarrassed me in front of other co-workers by insulting the work I was responsible for on the project.

Tails: I can lash back at my co-worker, telling everyone what my co-worker missed and how I had to work overtime to compensate for their incompetence.


Heads: I can allow myself the strength to understand this is an opportunity for feedback. This could be just the type of honest feedback that will allow me to grow in my position and get to the next level.

Heads or Tails? Which one leads you down the road to sustainable happiness?

Trust me, as simple as it sounds, The Coin Technique works. Try it today!

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