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My Fitness Photo Shoot

by Scott on January 4, 2014

Early on in my 20’s…

I had a dream of being confident enough to pose for a fitness photo shoot. In my mind, this looked similar to what you might see on the cover of Men’s Fitness or Men’s Health. Shirt off, flexing, veins popping out…

English: This is the 2010 September cover for ...

The motivation for this dream was completely shallow; it was to be able to tell everyone I met, especially women, “Hey! Did you know I was in a fitness magazine? Here! take a look, I just happen to  have a copy in my back pocket.” I admit it, not the best motivation.

Every time I committed myself to putting in the work required to work towards this dream, because it wasn’t rooted in any substance, I would fall on my face. I’d make excuses why I couldn’t do it:

“Work is so busy.”

“I have to spend time with my girlfriend.”

“I’m just so tired.”

Fast forward to present day…

A couple months ago, when I put together my 35 for 35 list, I had a few people make comments to me about including on the list, “7. Pose for a Fitness Photo Shoot.”

“Scott, you talk a lot about being content with where you are. Accepting you for who you are. Posing for a Fitness Photo Shoot doesn’t seems sort of contradictory. What’s that about?”

I’m so glad you asked…

Admittedly, the initial motivation, 10 years ago was the reason I consistently failed. Today, the motivation is different. This time, it’s about proving to myself that I CAN do it. I CAN accomplish something that I wasn’t ready for back then. The timing wasn’t right back then but it is now. I’ve grown into the person capable of creating for the right reason.

When I am standing in front of that camera a couple months from now, it won’t be about creating a picture that I can brag to others about or use it as a tool to get a date with a pretty girl. It will be about telling the story that once you shift from acting from a shallow misunderstanding of why you do things, to a solid understanding of your unique why you do something, you will be able to accomplish anything. Even if you’ve failed at the exact same thing, numerous times before.

Getting #GearedUp for working towards the #Fit...

Getting #GearedUp for working towards the #FitnessPhotoShoot. #35for35 via realscottweller

So it begins…

I’d like to thank KEYLIME Athletic Wear who has offered me my deadline by inviting me to be a part of their Spring Clothing Line photo shoot. Also, Linda Patterson from Timeless Edge Photography who will be helping with my own personal Fitness Photo Shoot on April 13.

Time to get to work!

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