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My 37 for 37: The Final List

by Scott on January 10, 2016

My #37for37: Start a Podcast

Here it is! My third annual __ for __ list, which happens to be 37 for 37. 37 items to accomplish during the calendar year that I turn 37.

Here is the final list. Let me know what you think!

  1. Go surfing
  2. Become a certified dog trainer
  3. Complete CanFitPro certification to become a personal trainer
  4. Start a podcast
  5. Create a piece of art
  6. Run 12 races as a tribute to one of my personal heroes
  7. Get involved in a cause
  8. Man Spa Day
  9. Write 1 book
  10. Visit Houston, TX
  11. Go dogsledding
  12. Create and watch my own list of the Top 50 movies of all time
  13. Hold 5 webinars
  14. Visit Montreal
  15. Go to a live Toronto Raptors game
  16. Give my lunch to a homeless person
  17. Land a role as an extra in a movie or TV
  18. Meet 3 people I could only dream of meeting
  19. Stay silent for 37 hours
  20. Take a photography class
  21. Take a cooking class
  22. Collect and donate 37 winter coats to charity
  23. Perform 37 #RAKattacks
  24. Setup a patio set to enjoy the summer months
  25. Inspire 7 others to create their own __ for __ list
  26. Share another adventure with Jaxie
  27. Read 12 books
  28. Inspire 37 people to donate 1 shoebox at Christmas
  29. Finally learn to swim
  30. Go to a midnight movie premier
  31. Take a photo every day for a year
  32. Change someone else’s life
  33. Start an online business
  34. Start a new tradition
  35. Leave 37 random notes to strangers
  36. Start a happiness jar

I’ve left #37 open on purpose. It’s going to be an open item that I can decide upon along the way. I have a few ideas that I’m considering already, but is there any other ideas I should be considering? Comment below and let me know what you think I should add as #37!

If you’re interested in creating your own list, join our growing facebook group of people just like you, creating their own list and working towards experiencing their best year yet! Here’s the link:

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