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My 37 for 37: January Update

by Scott on February 1, 2016


Here’s the January update on my 37 for 37:

  1. Go Surfing – on my trip to Montreal later this month, there is an indoor surfing facility! Oh yeah, surf’s up!!
  2. Become a Certified Dog Trainer
  3. Complete CanFitPro Certification to Become a Personal Trainer – I’ve signed up for a course in mid-April. I’m hoping to have it completed by my birthday.
  4. Start a Podcast – I have all the equipment, lined up a few interviews, I just need to do it!
  5. Create a Piece of Art – I was supposed to go to a Paint Nite last week but plans changed. Paint Nite looks like the perfect place to knock this one off the list. Anyone want to go with me?
  6. Run 12 Races as a Tribute to One of My Personal Heroes – Remember my friend and inspiration to so many, Jacob? I’ll be running all 12 races as a tribute to his memory and to raise awareness around the initiative he started – Jacob’s Wish. I’m still working out the details but I’ll definitely share more as they develop.
  7. Get Involved in a Cause – As stated above, the cause I’ll be choosing is Jacob’s Wish. More details to come!
  8. Man Spa Day – Only makes sense to get this one knocked off in Montreal as well!
  9. Write 1 Book – Nothing to report here.
  10. Visit Houston, TX – A couple of my close friends moved down to Houston at the end of last year. They’ve told me September is a better time to come down. Let’s hope that the Canadian dollar recovers before then or I may need to remortgage my place to make this one happen.
  11. Go Dogsledding – Maybe I can do this somewhere around Montreal?
  12. Create and Watch My Own List of the Top 50 Movies of All Time – I’ve started creating my own Top 50 Movies of All Time List. I’ll post it once it’s complete.
  13. Hold 5 Webinars – I have no idea what the webinar will be about yet but they will happen. Probably later in the year.
  14. Visit Montreal – Headed to Montreal later in February.  
  15. Go to a Live Toronto Raptors Game – Complete – went and watched the Raptors win their 11th game in a row beating the Detroit Pistons on January 30.
  16. Give My Lunch to a Homeless Person – Haven’t made the opportunity to make this one happen yet. Maybe this is another one I can strike off the list in Montreal.
  17. Land a Role as an Extra in a Movie or TV – No movement on this one yet. I don’t even know where to start.
  18. Meet 3 People I Could Only Dream of Meeting – I’m not even sure who this would be. Who would make your list?
  19. Stay Silent for 37 Hours – No movement here yet.
  20. Take a Photography Class – Anyone know of any good photography classes?
  21. Take a Cooking Class – Anyone know of any good cooking classes?
  22. Collect and Donate 37 Winter Coats to Charity – So far I’ve collected 7 coats. Do you have any winter coats clogging up your closet that you’d like to donate?
  23. Perform 37 #RAKattacks – 5 #RAKattacks performed so far. 32 to go!
  24. Setup a Patio Set to Enjoy the Summer Months – I’ve got some time before Spring even rolls around.
  25. Inspire 7 Others to Create Their Own __ for __ List – I think this is way beyond 7 now but I’m not going to stop. Do you want to make your own list just like this one? Let me know!
  26. Share Another Adventure with Jaxie – We already took a road trip from Edmonton, into the US, around Chicago and into Toronto. But I don’t think we’re done yet!
  27. Read 12 Books – Haven’t even started yet. “les sigh”
  28. Inspire 37 People to Donate 1 Shoebox at Christmas – Obviously this one will need Christmas to be closer. We will put this one on hold for now.
  29. Finally Learn to Swim – I’ve gone swimming 3 times so far this year. If I want to be able to legitimately say I can swim, I’m going to have to do more.
  30. Go to a Midnight Movie Premier – I want this one to be for Batman Vs Superman. Anyone know when tickets go on sale?
  31. Take a Photo Every Day for a Year – I just have to get better at posting them.
  32. Change Someone Else’s Life – No clue how this one will happen but I sure hope it’s in a positive way.
  33. Start an Online Business – I’m in the middle of starting an Amazon business as we speak. More to come on this one.
  34. Start a New Tradition – Any suggestions?
  35. Leave 37 Random Notes to Strangers – I’m going to pick up some sticky notes tomorrow and get started.
  36. Start a Happiness Jar – I’m using the HappiJar app for this one. Still figuring it out but seems to do the trick for now
  37.                – Still empty

As you can see, February should be a busy month of knocking off a number of these items. Can’t wait to see what’s happened by the end of the 29 days in February!

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