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My 36 for 36: Finishing Up With Items 28 – 36

by Scott on July 5, 2015

A couple weeks ago, I explored items 19 – 27 and I had hoped to go over items 28-36 before now, but then I went to Miami and The Florida Keys. Regardless, here we are. Today, I’m going to finish up with my review of the last 9 items on My 36 for 36. Here we go…

Take Dance Lessons

Here’s a little trivia fact about me; I LOVE TO DANCE!! That being said, I’ve never taken dance lessons except for junior high gym class and I’m not counting that. I haven’t really decided what kind of dance class I’d like to take yet. Anyone interested in coming along?

Learn to Play Guitar

When I was about 10 years old, I was given an acoustic guitar for Christmas. It just sat around my room for the years that followed. I never learned how to play it. I always wished I had taken lessons.

My 36 for 36: Learn to Play Guitar

Go Dogsledding

The couple of times that I’ve planned to go dogsledding, something has always come up at the last minute. This year, it’s happening!!

Get a Role as an Extra in a Movie or on TV

When I was young, I loved to perform. I had performed in several leading roles in school plays. Then, in typical teenage form, I quit acting after not getting the leading role in my Grade 7 play. My love for acting has always been there over the years and even though a role as an extra is not necessarily “acting,” I would love to just be involved in a performance again.

Give My Lunch to a Homeless Person 9 Times

This could quickly escalate to a much higher number…

Let 9 People Know What They Mean to Me

There are so many people who have left a huge impact on me and my life, I think it’s time they know…

Enjoy a Full Day at a Spa

Everyone deserves a day of pampering. One problem, besides a massage, I don’t really know what to do at a spa. Any suggestions on what I should do to pamper myself?

My 36 for 36: All Day Spa Day

Get Picked Up at the Airport by Somebody with My Name on a Sign

Can I get cheesy for a minute? Over the last 5 years, I have take a lot of flights… A LOT!! Every time I arrive back at home, just as I am about to walk through the doors to where you collect your bags, I imagine someone waiting there for me. No one else, just me. I’m still waiting for the first time for this to happen.

Join a Mastermind Group

With everything I’m looking to accomplish this year, a Mastermind Group would be a huge help! Has anyone joined one before? Has anyone started one before?

There we have it! The final items for my 36 for 36 list. Are you making your own list? I’d live to hear about it! Maybe we should create a Mastermind Group to help us all stay on track with our lists?

Stay tuned for updates as I work through all 36 items!

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