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My 36 for 36: An Epic Failure

by Scott on December 21, 2015

My 37 for 37: My Best Year Yet

My 37 for 37: My Best Year Yet

At the end of 2013, I had a friend give me an idea to create a 35 for 35 list. A list of 35 items to accomplish over the calendar year that I turned 35.

There were so many incredible stories that came from this experience. Just to name a few:

Last year, I had decided that I was NOT going to create another list. By the time June rolled around, I felt like something was missing. I felt that I needed that list of items to pursue. So I scrambled and created a new list, my 36 for 36 list.

I wasn’t working when I created the list. I had decided to leave my employer who I had worked with for the last 6+ years so I had plenty of time to focus on accomplishing things.

I had struck a line through a few items:

  • I bought a stranger’s meal in a restaurant – this was a lot of fun because of the situation that presented this opportunity. Read the story here.
  • Start a podcast and record 36 episodes – I am completely set up to start recording now. I anticipate recording a few episodes over the holiday break. Who is the most successful person you know personally?
  • Encourage 9 other people to start their own list – This was a lot of fun, to see others create their own list and start working towards their own exciting accomplishments.

But then something happened! I went back to work and my progress hit a brick wall. I began working 12+ hours a day (sometimes as much as 17 hours a day) and, on some weeks, I would work 7 days a week

I arrived home a few days ago for the Christmas break, completely burnt out. I look back and see My 36 for 36 as an epic failure minus one thing… The failure makes has created a deep desire to make My 37 for 37 an Epic Experience and the road map to “my best year yet.”
Anyone want to join me?

Click here and join our Prime Life Design Facebook Group and create your own __ for __ list and enjoy your best year yet!

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