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My 35 for 35 – Halfway Update

by Scott on July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day! It’s official! Half of the year 2014 is now in the history books. With only 6 months left to complete My 35 for 35, I thought I would provide an update.

Canada flag at CNE. Taken in Toronto @ Decembe...

I have broken the original list up into 3 different groups:


  • Completed – items that have been taken right to the finish line
  • In progress – items that have been initiated but have not seen the finish line yet.
  • Not Started – items that haven’t been initiated in any way yet.


5. Deliver 3 – 5 Public Speeches – I think I’m at 9 public speeches already. I’m actively searching more speaking opportunities. Especially as the release of “Beyond the Blue Collar” approaches.

7. Pose for a Fitness Photo Shoot – Probably one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life and I did it only 4 days after losing my Mother to cancer.

8. Become Passionate About a Cause –  After starting a New Family Christmas Tradition and raising approximately $21,000 with Buck-A-Burpee, I think it’s safe to say that I have become passionate in supporting Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta.

13. Become Certified as a Fitness Coach – I completed the Crossfit Level I Trainer course on January 19, 2014.

19. Be an Extra in a Movie or TV Show – Does my appearance on Breakfast Television Edmonton count?

31. Perform 35 Random Acts of Kindness – I have lost count after about 70 or 80 Random Acts of Kindness. The original idea has now evolved into #RAKattacks and was what initially inspired Buck-A-Burpee.

In Progress

1. Earn the Spartan Race Trifecta – I’m signed up for all 3 distances. Are you going to be at any of them?

  • Spartan Sprint – July 7 – Edmonton
  • Spartan Super – September 6 – Red Deer
  • Spartan Beast – September 27 – Sun Peaks

2. Get “Beyond the Blue Collar” Published – Thanks to a workshop I recently attended, I know how to make this a reality. Currently, my manuscript is being edited. Expected release date is September 1, 2014.

4. Write 35 Blog Posts – I think this post counts as number 27! I’m also available to write guest blog posts.

6. Watch 50 of the Top 100 Movies of All Time – I have yet to complete my list of the top 100 movies of all time – Do you have any suggestions to add to my list? I have watched 29 of the movies that did make the list.

12. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument – I purchased Rocksmith to learn how to play guitar. So far, I have spent 4 hours playing and I still can’t play Stairway to Heaven… what’s up with that?

15. Learn to say “Thank you” in 10 different languages – I can say “Thank you” in German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, English and French. Can anyone help me with 4 more?

16. Travel to Chicago to watch a baseball game at Wrigley Field – In 9 days I travel to Chicago to watch 3 games!

Probably the biggest reason I'm headed to #Chi...

Probably the biggest reason I’m headed to #Chicago in 9 days, is to watch the #Cubs play at #WrigleyField during season 100 of this historical ballpark. #summeronpurpose via realscottweller

18. Take 1 photo each day for a year – For anyone who follows my Instagram feed, you probably wish I would limit to only 1 photo a day!

22. Go Skydiving – I have planned an adventure weekend in August that includes running Mud Hero, Skydiving, Whitewater Rafting, and Ziplining.

23. Go ziplining – See #22

24. Go whitewater rafting – See #22

27. Meet 3 of my personal heroes – When I originally included this item in the list, I never expected who those heroes would turn out to be. One being King Jacob, another being a woman who I knew my whole life.

Not Started

For all of the items below, I have had minimal success in getting things rolling. Any suggestions or assistance would be much appreciated.

3. Go on the first ever sibling-only-vacation
9. Interview 35 successful people in Edmonton
10. Let go of the serial bachelorhood
11. Learn to swim
14. Take dance lessons
17. Get a tattoo
20. Write a childrens book
21. Go bobsledding
25. Go snowboarding in the mountains
26. Go dogsledding
28. Master a magic trick
29. Grow a patio garden
30. Build a model train set
32. Help 5 people accomplish a bucket list item
33. Start a scholarship fund
34. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
35. Get Jax certified as a therapy dog


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