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Frequently Asked Questions about the Law of Attraction

by Scott on July 26, 2012

Here are 9 of the most frequently asked questions about the Law of Attraction:

  1. What Is Law of Attraction?

Simply stated, law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”! Your thoughts are like magnet and attract to you whatever you think about, so everything that we experience is brought about as a consequence of our thoughts.

The law of Attraction teaches us to increase our, emotional, physicals and even financial well-being. It encourages a more positive outlook on life and helps people learn how to deliberately attract their wishes and wants from their thoughts straight into their lives.

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  1. Is The Law of Attraction Working In My Life?

Yes. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality minute by minute. This never stops. We make conscious choices about how to feel and more of it is attracted into our lives. How are you feeling now? Perhaps you feel like complaining about the harsh weather, rude boss or bad traffic. You’d only be attracting more things to complain about. Instead, have you been thankful today for having a roof over your head, a job and a car? By doing this, you will be aligning yourself up for more wonderful things to be thankful for.

  1. Why do Law of Attraction strategies sometimes fail to work?

Remember that the Law of Attraction doesn’t fail; it is a universal law just like the Law of Gravity. It can’t fail! So, it must be we, who are failing the law instead. It may not be working for you because of your inner resistance. It may be conscious or subconscious, but there is a part of you that doesn’t believe that you deserve a particular thing that you desire.

  1. How Can I Attract My Ideal Life?

Keep your thoughts, ideas and feelings in alignment with your desires; and you will have it. A simple exercise would be to visualize your ideal life, perhaps make a dream board and look at it a few minutes every day. This will remind you of your aspirations and soon the universe will help you achieve your ideal life.

  1. What Is Vibration?

Vibration is your thoughts in an energy form working to manifest your desires. Light, heat, electricity; everything has invisible vibrations that help it manifest into something very real and tangible. Every person has similar vibrations, which are powerful thought waves. Mastery over these vibrations can also help us conquer the law of attraction.

  1. How Can I Attract More Money?

The first step towards achieving your desires is that you should know what exactly it is that you want. If you want more money, ask yourself how much you want and why. Be it a 25% raise at work or earning a million, before the end of the year. Then take action. Not even the Law of Attraction can make you rich if your only pastime is sitting on a couch. You will have to work towards your goal, once you have decided on it.

  1. How Can I Get More Of What I Want?

By asking for it! Once you know what you want, you decide to go after your goals relentlessly.

  1. How long does it take before I start attracting what I want?

You are always attracting, so The Law of Attraction is always on!

But you will start attracting your desires when you believe. Do away with all doubt and self- limiting beliefs and permit your requests to manifest instantly!

  1. Does this mean that I can be anything I feel like?

Yes and no. The Law of Attraction allows you to reach goals and achieve happiness but it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to work hard for it. It is not some spell that will automatically grant your wishes. Be more grounded and realize that you are the ultimate power here, only you can take the steps and think the thoughts that will make a difference in your life.

What questions do you have about the Law of Attraction?

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