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FAQ Directly from You

by Scott on November 3, 2013

Over the last several weeks, I’m finding I am getting a lot of similar questions. So, to share my thoughts in response to these questions, I created “FAQ Directly from You.”

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Today’s Question:

Scott, the things you write about, I don’t think I could write about those things and put it out to the world like you do! How do you do it?

The things I write about have a lot of emotion attached to them. I write about them for a few reasons:

Recovery – Writing about my experiences, especially the struggles, helps me process the experiences at an even deeper level which leads to greater recovery. The recovery is then stimulated even further when I can share my experience with those who are struggling through similar challenges. Which leads right into the next reason I write about what I write about

You Don’t Have to be Alone – As I faced the different situations in life, I felt very alone. I held everything inside because of embarrassment, fear, pride and because I’m a stubborn Taurus! What I realized through my recovery is that everybody has very similar struggles. What’s even more interesting is that all you want, all you crave is someone to understand but, if you’re anything like me, you isolate yourself because you don’t want to show “weakness.” Well let me tell you this, in my experience, the greatest display of strength is asking for help when you need it the most! I share my experiences because I want you to know that you’re not alone!

Something Inside is Screaming to be Let Out – I’m sure the first two points are contributors to this one but there’s also something more. I can’t really explain it other than that there’s something inside of me that’s screaming at me to let it out. For recovery, so that I don’t have to be alone, but also because there’s something more inside that’s tired of being told to wait it’s turn. It’s ready to get out and be a positive contribution.

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