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Yesterday evening I signed on to Twitter and saw a tweet from a friend of mine, Mark Cherrington which read: ‏ @MarkCherrington:   My fav kid- 15yr girl, lives in group home. Has nothing, wants 2 go 2 Cavalia Horse show. Trying to find a couple tickets for her and sister I re-tweeted the request […]


Hope Mission Tweet for Hope

by Scott on October 3, 2012

On October 3rd, 2012 between 12 and 1pm, approximately 20 of Edmonton’s Social Media community will be coming together to collect donations in an effort to raise enough money to provide 2000 meals for the homeless. More at the Hope Mission website Be sure to Follow Scott on Twitter @RealScottWeller for your chance to […]


Morning Motivation Movie

by Scott on August 18, 2012

This Morning Motivation Movie is what I use every morning to get me motivated to push forward as I train for the Tough Mudder.


The Coin Technique

by Scott on August 5, 2012

Anytime I’m talking to someone and they are sharing the challenges they are currently facing in life, I almost always refer back to The Coin Technique. In almost every situation, it provides the perspective and clarity needed to move forward out of the funk that individual has dug themselves into. I wish I could take […]


Here are 9 of the most frequently asked questions about the Law of Attraction: What Is Law of Attraction? Simply stated, law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”! Your thoughts are like magnet and attract to you whatever you think about, so everything that we experience is brought about as a consequence of our […]

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