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Personal Growth

The News About Mom

by Scott on October 24, 2013

BUZZZZZZZZ! “Hello?” comes a voice from the intercom. “Hey, it’s me,” I respond. “Come on up!” I make my way to the elevator and press the button to take me to the second floor. “I wonder what she’s going to say,” I thought to myself, even though I was certain I already knew. I stepped […]


Entitlement = Disappointment

by Scott on August 26, 2013

One of the quickest way to NOTget to where you want to be: Entitlement! It’s simple math… Entitlement = Disappointment The moment you think you “deserve” something, you’ve lost any edge you may have over your competition, even if the only competition you have is yourself. The entitlement slope is a slippery one… You’ve been […]


Setting the Tone

by Scott on August 17, 2013

What is Setting the Tone? What the heck am I talking about?!?! No, it has nothing to do with musical instruments. Something to do with a copier or printer? Nope, guess again! Imagine this scenario: “I should have just stayed in bed. It’s just been one of those days,” are common phrases that one might […]

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The 3 Pillars

by Scott on August 3, 2013

Introducing The 3 Pillars “Are you seeing anyone?” “Nope,” I respond casually. “Any prospects?” “Nope,” I feel like I’m repeating myself. “What? Why not?” “It just doesn’t make sense to me,” knowing this is going to continue the conversation further. “It doesn’t make sense? What are you talking about?” “It doesn’t make sense for my […]

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What is With the REAL Scott Weller?

by Scott on April 22, 2012

“Are there more than one Scott Weller?” “Is someone impersonating you?” Before anyone else asks, “Why are you the REAL Scott Weller?” I will explain… For a very long time, I wore the mask of another Scott Weller. To explain this: Most of see the world through our prejudice perspectives molded by our desires, interests […]


  Quotes often leave room for reflection. Look for the answer to your fear by understanding those that knew it too. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself–nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT No passion so effectually robs the mind of all […]