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My 37 for 37

My 37 for 37: January Update

by Scott on February 1, 2016

Here’s the January update on my 37 for 37: Go Surfing – on my trip to Montreal later this month, there is an indoor surfing facility! Oh yeah, surf’s up!! Become a Certified Dog Trainer – Complete CanFitPro Certification to Become a Personal Trainer – I’ve signed up for a course in mid-April. I’m hoping […]

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My 37 for 37: The Final List

by Scott on January 10, 2016

Here it is! My third annual __ for __ list, which happens to be 37 for 37. 37 items to accomplish during the calendar year that I turn 37. Here is the final list. Let me know what you think! Go surfing Become a certified dog trainer Complete CanFitPro certification to become a personal trainer […]


My 36 for 36: An Epic Failure

by Scott on December 21, 2015

At the end of 2013, I had a friend give me an idea to create a 35 for 35 list. A list of 35 items to accomplish over the calendar year that I turned 35. There were so many incredible stories that came from this experience. Just to name a few: Become passionate about a […]