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My 36 for 36

Yesterday, I started diving a little deeper with items 1-9 that made My 36 for 36: The Final List. Today I am going to get up, close and personal with items 10 – 18. Watch everyone else’s favourite movies Lat year, when I created My 35 for 35, I committed to watching 50 of the top 100 movies […]


My 36 for 36: Diving Deeper into Items 1-9

by Scott on June 17, 2015

Over the next few days, I’ll be getting a little deeper with each of the 36 items that made My 36 for 36: The Final List. Let’s get started with items 1 – 9. 1. Interview 36 “Successful” People on the Subject of “Success” Over the last couple of years, I’ve asked a bunch of […]


My 36 for 36: The Final List

by Scott on June 16, 2015

First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who helped me by offering suggestions on which items should make the final list. Your feedback helped guide me to the final selection. Here it is: My 36 for 36: The Final List Interview 36 “successful” people on the subject of “success” Participate in 36 […]

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I was able to take the list of 99 items (which actually grew to 100 because of a great suggestion made late yesterday) and narrow it to 26 items on the YES list. This is the list of 26 things that I selected to already make the cut for My 36 for 36.       […]


My 36 for 36 Brainstorming Complete

by Scott on June 9, 2015

I finished brainstorming ideas for my 36 for 36 list and ended up with 99 ideas. That’s right… 99!!             Next step will be to narrow the list down over the next couple of days and then start looking for people to help me accomplish some of the items I’ve […]


Last night, I spent a couple hours brainstorming ideas for my 36 for 36 list and ended up coming up with way more than 36. Today, my plan is to continue to add to the list. Do you have any suggestions of items that I should consider including?               […]