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Scott Weller

There’s a really good chance we met at a business networking event, or maybe we “bumped” into one another on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Either way, I’m glad you stopped by.

I am often asked, “So Scott, what do you do?”

Surprisingly, such a simple question is not so simple to answer. I do so many things that I created this website as a way to share some of the things that I do with people just like you (I’m a poet…).

Did you know?

I have struggled with alcoholism and thoughts of suicide. It wasn’t that long ago, I was widely regarded on the work site as “The Guy Least Likely to do Anything With His Life.”

In the last 5 years, I have turned my life around 180 degrees. Nowadays, I spend my time sharing my experiences and what I have learned along life’s bumpy roads, in an effort to help save them from the same pain I have endured. You can see some of the success stories by checking out What People Say About Scott.

These days, I love coaching and mentoring, getting involved in causes that I am passionate about and sharing my message through writing and speaking. If you’re interested in working more closely with me, send me a message by checking out the Contact page.